Saturday, April 25, 2009

♥8 Things About Me♥

8 things I am looking forward to:
1.My "weekend"
2.Getting this dang tooth pulled
3.My youngests bday
5.Getting my new mini laptop
6.A full nights sleep
7.Bending my knee again
8.Walking up stairs without it hurting

8 things I did yesterday
2.Worked ugggggggg
3.Got a new pair of shoes
4.Did some errands
5.Checked my emails
6.Got a new tutorial written
7.Searched for some missing mojo
8.Talked to my sister

8 things I wish I could do
1.Find a better paying job
2.Learn to make scrapkits
3.Get my new laptop NOW! Grrrr Mennnn
4.Bend my knee fully
6.Walk up stairs without my knee hurting
7.See a very close friend of mine that I miss
8.Go on vacation

8 shows I watch
1.CSI Miami
4.Crossing Jordan
5.Star Trek Voyager ( yes imma trekie)
6.Star Trek Deep Space 9

8 people I'm tagging
1.Rachel Captivated Visions
2.Missy Scraps With Attitude
3.Tammy Tammy's Scraps
4.Yvette Essence Of Creativity
5.Robin JrBabe's Mess
6.Sara Sara's Scraps
7.Sox Soxsational Scraps
8.Missy Divine Intentionz

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