Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tutorial was written on September 10th 2009
Artist used is Ismael Rac you can purchase a license to use his artwork thru AMI
Scrapkit is from Kat NKDA you can purchase her Dark Embrace scrapkit from AMI as well.Thanks for a great kit Kat!
Templete is from Melissa of Melissaz Creationz you can download templete #24 from her blog. Thanks for another great templete Melissa!
Wordart of choice or the one I used from Cin at Elegantly Wasted thanks Cin for some fab wordart...
Xero Radiance filter
Font used is Inspiration which is a PTU font...
Ready? Let's Begin
Open all of your supplies in PSP. Click on Melissa's templete and delete the copyright layer.Highlight the lg circle layer and click inside of it with your magic wand.Goto selections modify and smooth set at 10 and copy and paste a paper from your kit as a new layer.Selections invert and hit delete. You can delete the original lg circle layer..
Highlight the lg circle frame and click on it with your magic wand and goto selections modify smooth set to 10 and copy and paste a different paper from your kit as a new layer.Selections invert and hit delete..
Hightlight the scalloped frame layer and repeat the step above using different paper from your kit..
Add any embelishments of your choice from your kit and add a dropshadow to each..
Delete square 3 & frame 3..
Highlight square 1 layer and click on it with your magic wand and flood fill it with black do the same for the square 2 layer.Keep selected paste your main image as a new layer and place it inside the marching ants where you think it looks best.Selections invert and hit delete.Duplicate your tube image layer and on the copied layer goto adjust blurr gaussian blur set to either 3 or 5 which ever you think looks best.On the original layer goto xero radience and use the default settings. Do the same for the sqaure 2 layer..
Paste your main image as a new layer and resize if needed.Duplicate the layer and goto adjust blur gausssian blur set at either 3 or 5 its your choice. On the orignal add a xero radiance to it using the default settings..
Add your name and copyright information and viola your finished..
I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I did writting it..

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