Monday, February 23, 2009

I've been challenged by Sara

Sara from Sara's Scraps challenged me a few days ago but with my knee surgery I havent been able to sit at the pc for long periods of time.So I figured while it was hurting to much i'd come and get the challenged posted...

The Challenge is:go to your picture folder on your computer.Find the 6th folder.Go to the 6th picture of the 6th folder.Post the picture on your blog and describe it.Pass the challenge on to 6 friends.Link to them on your blog and let them know they've been challenged.

Here is mine
Its a picture of all the kids between hubby & his brother & sister all the mother in law's grandkids.Was taken last year at brother in laws house.There are few of his cousins & there kids in there aswell but there like neices and nephews and grands anyways...

Now to challenge 6 people hmmmmm

1st is Jessica from Gothic Inspirationz
2nd is Rachel from Captivated Visions
3rd is Tamara from Just a Girl Designs
4th is Missy from Scraps With Attitude
5th is Tammy from Jersey Girl Scraps by Tammy
6th is Melissa from Melissa's Creationz

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